Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting back in the groove

Back from Baja, too wet to go to San Felipe so just hung out in Ensenada. Anyway back to board meetings and getting the rental cleaned up. Here are some pics to share of the board room.

TOP PIC: Looking South, Morro Rock in the distance.

NEXT PIC: Looking North, towards Cayucos & Cambria.

NEXT PIC: Jennie & Spice looking for treasures.

LAST PIC: Some of the treasures we found.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Know, I Know...

Where does all the time go? Just when you think you have all the ends together....
Anyway here's a brief update and hopefully the details will follow.

I'm heading down to Ensenada & San Felipe tonite. Going down for the races, a guys trip.
Our tenant of thirteen yers passed away at the begining of February and we are scrambling to clean up my mom's house and get that rented as soon as possible.
We did manage to get a camping trip sandwiched in to Lake San Antonio (pics to follow)just overnite since we couldn't get away for our Arizona Trip this year.
My side work has taken me on two trips to the Central Valley of California over the past month ( 400 miles driven each trip).

But.. we have managed to get at least a weekly board meeting in. Current agenda seems to dwell on how retirement is going to affect us. W e do have plenty of options and that is good.

Anyway I thought I'd touch bases with everyone in the family, glad to see alll the new additions to blogland.

Whew! This is little brother signing out for now.