Monday, October 09, 2006

"Dia de los Muertes"

I figure this is a good way to get back into the blogosphere. It’s been awhile for me, but here goes….

It’s that time of the year when outdoor chores are winding down and we get ready for “indoor season”, the holidays and such. For me, it is getting back into classes and setting up the “dia de los muertes” Altar. It has been a tradition for us for several years to set up remembrances of family, friends and even pets that have gone on to the other side. I remember reading somewhere that as long as you keep on remembering those that have passed, that their spirit will keep on living. In keeping with this thought, our tradition is to set an altar or two so that their spirits live on. One of my cousins, Beatrice, has also carried on the tradition by making paper cut outs by hand to be used for decorating. This tradition of setting up altars has gone on for many years and is celebrated on Oct 31 and Nov 1 in Mexico. Some of my earliest memories of Pablo were visiting his home and recall seeing an altar set up in the house. Here are some of the recent altars we have set up here at Rancho Relaxo…

Some of departed "family".

One of our earlier altars.

Last years Altar.


Motherkitty said...

Well, I'm really surprised that you have posted again. I thought we had lost you forever.

It is very interesting that you put of altars to remember those who have gone before you, even your pets. I tried to click on your pictures to enlarge them but could not.

Dennis, I, Allison, and her two girls (Natasha and Eliana) went to Berea on September 23-25 to celebrate Sandy's birthday. Had a great time and Dennis posted pictures of the celebration. The interesting thing was on her birthday the entire family went to a Mexican restaurant called Mariachi's and they had a live mariachi band that sang and played for several hours. The restaurant also had a painting of Porfirio Diaz painted on the wall and I got a shot of Dennis and Sandy standing next to the painting. Dennis looks just like Porfirio with his mustache.

Hope both you and Jennie are doing well. I had a total knee replacement in April of this year and am now recovered. Dennis is doing well. Allison is expecting her third baby in May 2007. Natasha was 5 in August and Eliana will be 3 next March. Eli is married to Aprilyn and they live in San Diego. Wish we could see you again. Let us know if you plan to come to Kentucky to visit.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hey, I checked your post this evening and nothing was there and then suddenly it appeared, like magic.

Glad you decided to post again. The altars are kind of like the candles at the light one in remembrance of some departed person.

I learned something new while you were gone...I learned how to ride a motorcycle. I set the goal for myself earlier this year. Now I have to set a new goal.

So whenever you hear me refer to my bike, or riding my bike...I'm talking about the motorcycle.

You'll have to come to Ky to visit us. We can't afford to travel unless we win the lottery. I'll give you a ride if you come see me and don't worry the bike won't fall because it has extra training wheels.

Gil said...

we've been fairly busy this spring/summer, so blogs have taken a backseat. we do appreciate all the news you have sent us & do read your blogs all the time. I am sorry I missed Sandy & Dennis's birthdays, our thoughts are with you always. More blogs to follow to keep you in touch with our part of the world.

MrsGreenThumb said...

Hi Gil, how are you? I found this post interesting. I grow three flowers in my yard that I was told are used for day of the dead wreaths, although I don't know for a fact. Maybe you can enlighten me. They are Tagetes lemonii, Mt Lemon marigold; Tagetes lucida, Mexican tarragon and poliomentha, Mexican oregano. They all have fragrant foliage. Let me know if I am under a false impression. Hello to Jenny.
Glad you're back!

Gil said...

Hi there,

I do know that the marigold, especially the orange ones are used alot for the altars, but I not sure about the others(tarragon & oregano). Good to hear from you. How are things going in Las Vegas?